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Better Job

 Welcome All New Members.

Recently a lot of people have been asking me how to go about getting a better paying
or just plain better job. 

Let me start off by saying in today’s economy it is not easy to find a job! My own recent job search took over a month. Don't quit your current job if at all possible, until you find a better job. If that is not possible and you must quit ASAP you have to find a quick (temporary) source of income.

For me I turned to good old fashion Babysitting. Check into your states regulations on the number of kids you can watch before you need a license. In CT you can have up to four children in the same time span before you need a license. Babysitting is quick and often fun money. This can keep you afloat. I was making $900 a month with two kids.
(I was only working five days a week, 4 hours a day). JUST REMEBER As tempting as it can be unless you do decide to get a license babysitting is only a temporary solution. People don't always pay on time or as much as promised.
(They believe the electric bill is more important. They might have a point but when its your only source for money...)
Its a seasonal job, between school and summer vacation. I can't really think of another quick source of income that doesn’t require money to get into but I will look into it.

Here’s What You Should Do.

Open a hotmail account used only for your job search.
Hotmail accounts are free and easy to use.
>> www.hotmail.com <<

 Next write your Resume. It does not matter how much or how little experience you have, resume should be used since your first application!  Resumes make your life easier, look professional, and make the process speed up. If you need help writing a resume here is an excellent template. >> http://www.myresumeonline.org/resume-templates/ <<. All resume can be worded to cover for all the jobs you are applying for. However you should write individual cover letter per application. This website gives a good overview on what a cover letter is and how to write it >> http://www.myresumeonline.org/cover-letters/ <<. 

Join >> www.monster.com << and >> www.careerbuilder.com <<. I personally prefer Monster because they do offer a good deal of job aides and have a wonderful "quick apply" feature. The quick apply feature allows you to upload your resume onto Monster for employers to read to contact you, and if you see a job you want to apply for you just hit the "quick apply" button and Monster automatically sends your resume. 

There is a big misconception that these website or only for high end jobs. THATS NOT TRUE. These website have jobs for any experience level, work-wise and education-wise. 

Another good website to turn to is >> http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/ << however I didn't send my resume to them. I used it as a list of businesses to go apply to. But they have a good list of jobs, even in my town. (Which says a lot our population is about 6,000 not much considering this website does the whole US). 

Our local community college offers programs (most the state will pay for if you apply) that help you establish careers if time is own your side. Most local colleges offer programs like theese. Here is our website on it >> http://www.qvctc.commnet.edu/cpl/careerseekers.html << to give you a better understanding of what I mean.

Local hospitals often have a "career" center on their webpage’s that go beyond doctor and nurse. Hospital jobs are a good way to go. They pay well and have wonderful benefits. >> http://www.harthosp.org/Careers/Search/default.aspx << (good example.)

Once that is all set and done, go to the gas tank. Cry as you fill her up. Then drive around and give out resumes to every business you see, even if there isn't a help wanted poster sign up. Bring a friend, enjoy the company.

Check out your local job agencies. They take a cut of your pay until you get hired through the company, but they have access to jobs most people don't. There jobs also pay very well. 

Don't take the first job offered; wait for a good, better paying one. 

Happy Hunting <3

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